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2002 Season Disk Changes (From DMB webpage)

Last updated: December 16, 2002

On December 13th, we updated our master copy of the 2002 Season Disk to change the weather information for two ballparks. On December 16th, we updated it again to correct some of the salary information.

If your copy of the season disk was shipped on or after December 16th, you already have the corrections and you don't need to do anything. If you received either of the previous versions, please read the following so you can decide what action, if any, you wish to take.

Ballpark temperature settings The weather this year was unusually cool in two parks, Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco and Network Associates Coliseum in Oakland. As a result, we assigned these parks an average temperature of Cool.

This setting has been supported by the game for many years and does not cause any problems. But it can lead to a serious problem if you happen to follow the steps described in the next paragraph.

The Modify Park window has a pull-down list of available temperature settings, and the Cool option is not one of the options on that list. As a result, if you (a) choose to Modify one of these parks, (b) click on the weather tab, (c) leave the average temperature setting blank, and (d) click on OK, an invalid temperature setting will be stored. If this happens, you'll see ridiculously high scores for any future games played in that park.

If you are sure that you will never go through those four steps, no action needs to be taken. While testing the season disk prior to shipment, we ran well over a hundred simulated seasons with excellent results for the teams and players in those parks.

However, if you're worried that you might accidentally follow that sequence at some point, take a moment to modify those two parks so they are assigned the Comfortable setting. (As of December 13th, we have updated our master copy of the 2002 Season Disk in this fashion.)

Changing the setting from Cool to Comfortable will not have an impact on your simulation results. Both parks were right on the boundary between these two settings and we could just as easily have coded them as Comfortable in the first place.

The Cool setting has been supported within the Diamond Mind game engine for many years even though it doesn't appear on the Modify Parks window and has almost never been used. (Prior to this year, the only other park given this setting was Candlestick Park in 1999.) We will add the Cool setting to the Modify Parks window for version 9.

Salary information Some of the players who changed teams during the year have incorrect salary information. Salary information is not used by the game in any way, so this would affect you only if you play in a league that uses some type of financial system based on the salary information included in the season disk. (Some leagues have financial systems based on salaries set by the league through an auction or some other method, and many leagues have no financial system at all).

If you need the updated salary information and haven't already started a major project using the season disk, you can request a free replacement. (See below.)

Another option is to make the changes yourself using the Modify Player option in the Organizer window. This is the best approach if you have already drafted rosters or carried out any other actions that you would prefer not to repeat.

The error affects some but not all of the players who changed teams during the 2002 season. Here are the corrected values:

 Player               Salary  -------------------- ------
 Hiram Bocachica         225
 Russell Branyan         251
 Brian Buchanan          225
 Homer Bush             3375
 Bruce Chen              300
 Bartolo Colon          4925
 Wil Cordero            4167
 Ryan Dempster          2475
 Alan Embree             500
 Cliff Floyd            6500
 Jeremy Giambi          1065
 Wilton Guerrero         850
 Mike Holtz              825
 Tyler Houston          1625
 Ted Lilly               237
 Graeme Lloyd           3000
 Luis Lopez              700
 John Mabry              500
 Robert Machado          278
 Gary Matthews           238
 Dave McCarty            850
 Brian Moehler          2400
 Raul Mondesi          11000
 Mike Mordecai           500
 Scott Rolen            8600
 Paul Shuey             3250
 Scott Strickland        355
 Chris Truby             270

2000 Season Disk support page (From DMB web page)

Last updated: May 11, 2001

This page answers questions that are specific to the use of the 2000 Season Disk. For answers to general questions about the game, our player ratings, and company policies, see FAQ -- General.

Player info corrections We have discovered and corrected a few errors in the 2000 Season Disk:

- we omitted Robert Fick's ratings at catcher. They should be Range: Av, Error: 119, PB: 6, Throw: Fr.

- Raul Gonzalez was given range and error ratings in center field. Those ratings should have been given for left field instead.

- three player salaries are incorrectly listed. Trace Coquillette's salary should be 202. Tony Batista's salary should be 1400. And Chan Ho Park's salary should be 3850. (If you're not doing anything with the salary data, you can ignore these changes.)

The easiest way to make these corrections is to use the player modification feature of the game. Here's how:

1. Choose View > Organizer to open the Organizer window 2. Click on the Players tab 3. Scroll down to the player and click once to select him 4. Click on the Modify button 5. From the popup menu, choose the information you wish to modify. For ratings changes, choose Ratings. For salary changes, choose General player info. 6. When the modify window displays, make the change and click on OK

Schedule correction Cleveland played two different opponents on September 25th. If a home team plays two games on the same day, those game need to be differentiated by a game number (1 for the team's first game of the day, 2 for the team's second game of the day). These game numbers were not included in the original 2000 season disk schedule, and it is important that they be added now.

If you try to edit the 2000 schedule, perhaps to add post-season games, you won't be allowed to save that schedule without adding game numbers for those two Cleveland games. And if you have already played those games, you won't be allowed to add those game numbers because you cannot edit scheduled games that have already been completed. So you're stuck unless you add the game numbers for those two Cleveland games before playing those games.

We strongly recommend that anyone using the real-life 2000 schedule take a moment to add game numbers for these two games. It will only take a minute, and you'll only need to do this once. Here's how:

- open the Organizer window, click on the Schedules tab, and double-click on the Inter-League schedule to open the schedule editor

- scroll down to the games on September 25, then use the Modify command to change the game number for each of the Cleveland games. Enter a game number of 1 for the game against Chicago and 2 for the game against Minnesota.

- save the schedule

Manager profile correction The manager profile for St. Louis has Mark McGwire listed as a utility player at second base, shortstop, and left field. He didn't actually play those positions, but he shows up in the profile because he was listed in the starting lineup at those positions in several road games last year. Because his injury didn't permit him to play defense, he was used as a hitter in the top of the first inning and was immediately replaced by the regular 2B/SS/LF when his team took the field in the bottom of the first. Nevertheless, he was listed as the starter at those positions for those games, so our manager profile generator allocated him an appropriate percentage of the starts at those positions. We recommend that you take a moment to remove him from those utility roles if you plan to autoplay the season or have the computer manager choose the starting lineups for any St. Louis games.

You may already have some or all of these changes Depending on when you purchased your copy of this season disk, you may already have some of the corrections. We made the correction to Fick's ratings about a week after we began shipping the 2000 Season Disk. The Coquillette salary correction was made in mid-January. The other player changes were made in early February. The changes to the 2000 schedule were made May 4th. The manager profile changes were made May 11th. Each time, we updated our master copy of the 2000 Season Disk so any new shipments would include these changes.

Minor Correction to AGP2006 (DMBLuke posted 7/28/06 4:12 pm)

Here's a minor correction to AGP2006. Lance Parrish's short name is set to "Parrish,Lr" and Larry Parrish's is set to "Parrish,Ln". To change them, go to the View menu and choose Organizer. Click on the Players tab along the bottom of the Organizer. Find and select one of the Parrish's. Modify him and choose "General player info". Change the short name and click on OK. Select and modify the other Parrish. Make the correction and click on OK. Close the Organizer.


1973 Deluxe Past Season Houston Astros Manager Profile(posted by sposfan1, confirmed by Luke)

Based on my previous post about the Astros' errors, I quickly checked the rest of the teams and came up with a bunch of players are not listed in depth charts despite starting 20+ games and are listed as the platoon partner only. In pretty much all cases the guys left off the depth charts are the primary back ups at the position.


Boog Powell (started 14g @ 1b vs lhp-listed as platoon only) 
Don Baylor: started 43 games @LF vs RHP. platoon only
Rettenmund: started 20 games @rf vs RHP. platoon only
Evans started 37 games @RF vs RHP. platoon only.
Dick Allen started 43 games @1b vs rhp. platoon only.
Alvardo started 12g @2b vs rhp. platoon and def sub only
Brinkman started 20g @c vs RHP. platoon only.
Hermann started 22g @c vs lhp. platoon only.
Orta started 20g @2b vs LHP. platoon only.
Muser started 11g @1b vs lhp. platoon only.
Hickman started 18g @1b vs rhp. platoon only.
Driessen started 18g @3b vs lhp. platoon only.
Menke started 39g @3b vs rhp. platoon and def sub only
Ragland started 14g @2b vs rhp. platoon only.
Brohamer started 16g @2b vs lhp. platoon only.
Mota started 20G @lf vs rhp. platoon only.
Buckner started 20g @1b vs lhp. platoon only.
Garvey started 36g @1b vs rhp. platoon only.
May started 11g @C vs lhp. platoon only.
Lee started 10G @lf vs lhp. platoon only.
J. Morales started 7G @cf vs rhp. platoon only.
L. Melendez started 23G @cf vs RHP. platoon only.

Changes to Make

Actual Start % for errors. UPDATED
Powell 1b vL 26% #1 in depth chart
Baylor LF vs R 40% #1
Rettenmund RF vs R 19% (actual 18.5%), #2 
Evans RF vs RHP 31% #1
Dick Allen 1B vs R 39% #1
Alvarado 2b vs r 11% #1
Brinkman C vs R 18% #1
Hermann C vs L 42% #1
Orta 2b vs L 38% (actual 38.46%) #1
Muser 1b vs L 21% #1
Hickman 1b vs R 17% (actual 16.5) #2 
Driessen 3b vs L 35% (actual 34.6%) #1
Menke 3b vs R 35% (actual 35.45) #1
Ragland 2b vs R 13% #2
Brohamer 2b vs L 30% (29.6 actual) #1
Edwards c vs LHP 3% (2.5%) #2
Jutze c vs RHP 41% #1
Mota LF vs R 20% (19.6 actual) #2
Buckner 1b vs L 34% #1
Garvey 1b vs R 35% #1
Rodriguez C vs R 26% (actual 25.5) #1
Ron Fairly LF vs LHP 4% (3.8 actual) #4
Woods CF vs RHP 22% #2

May C vs L 23% #1
Lee LF vs L 19% (actual 18.5) #1
J Morales cf vs R 6% (actual 6.48) #2
Melendez CF vs R 23% #1

one other question is whether or not to keep them as platoon partners. I have a feeling that most should be removed and that the error was that they were put there instead of their appropriate slot but I'll have to research that unless someone else beats me to it. hint hint, nudge, nudge! <G>

1976 Andre Thornton missing rating for RF (posted by abeldock70 12/20/06, confirmed by Luke)

"In May of my 1976 replay and as I started an Expos/Cubs game Andy Thornton was in RF but was unrated. According to the disk he started 10 games there, so I was thinking he's probably meant to be rated...??"

Response from Luke: "He should be a Pr (range) e127 Pr (arm) in RF"

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